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Meet Joe Cook of Brierwreath Manor

How many years have you been an innkeeper?

I took over Brierwreath Manor Bed and Breakfast at the beginning of 2014, so I have been a full time Innkeeper for about 3.5 yrs. However I have been a part time Innkeeper for much much longer. My parents (Lyn and Mike Cook) ran Brierwreath for about 26 years after starting it in 1988. Jan and Lorraine Svec of Belle Aire Mansion are part of my family too and this is their 30th year as Innkeepers. So I have been around it most of my life and have been here to help paint the porch or whatever the job may be.
What is your favorite part about our community/Galena?
My favorite thing about Galena is how friendly the residents are. People around town still stop to chat on the sidewalk or hold the door for you. Love that small town feel.
Favorite event in Galena or way to participate and give back?
One of my favorite event in Galena is the Halloween Parade. However it is hard choose when there are so many fun things to do!
What fun things can your guests expect when they stay at Brierwreath?
My guests can expect a friendly welcome, some history about Brierwreath and Galena. Recommendations on where they might find a place to eat to satisfy a craving. Things they might want to do. Places they might want to go. Things to see. Great conversations and homemade breakfasts. 24/7 drink buffet upstairs, and fresh homemade Chocolate Chip cookies. My returning guests are just like old friends coming to visit. This is why I do this.