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April 14, 2017

Meet Hal & Wendy Gilpin of Hawk Valley Retreat & Cottages

How many years have you been innkeepers? 
We just started our seventh year on April 1st
What is your favorite part about our community/Galena?
For sure there are two things: the people and the beautiful countryside
Favorite event in Galena or way to participate and give back?
Wow, can we say that we love them all? It is a wonderful feeling to know that the events we participate in result in money going back to the community and the organizations that are most in need. Personally we have grown to love our Corkless in Galena event. What isn’t there to like about wine, art, and food. The funds from that event go to multiple area  Arts and Recreation Centers, Galena Center for the Arts, and research development as it relates to the wine industry of our area.
What fun things can your guests expect when they stay at Hawk Valley Retreat?
We love the fact that we are in the country and our guests can expect to relax while espying the occasional deer, flock of turkeys, and a large variety of birds. Easy enough to get into town, but just as easy to return to Hawk Valley to enjoy the country life, sounds, and sights.
When we first meet our guests often times they are amazed at how dark it is in the country and that we don’t have street lights. Once they get past that, they are in awe at the night sky and the number of stars they are able to see.